Bioinspired Science and Engineering

Research interests in our group are in the areas of bioinspired design, biological material science, and biomedical materials. To perform bioinspired science and engineering, a deeper understanding of the properties and structures present within biological materials is required. This can be achieved through the process of biological materials science, which employs the tools and techniques available in the fields of engineering, chemistry and physics to theoretically and physically dissect natural organisms and understand how they thrive within their natural environments. In the Laboratory for Bioinspired Science and Engineering research is ongoing to understand the common structural design elements that are employed by nature to provide impressive mechanical properties and to employ these through a variety of additive and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Research Positions Available

Positions are currently available for Ph.D. students interested in the study of bioinspired science and engineering. Please contact Dr. Naleway directly at including a C.V.

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